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BitCleave-provides solutions for consumers with companies

 This time I will share information about Bitclave project,

BitClave Background

BitClave - The platform was founded in 2016. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. On Sunday, July 25, the company has scheduled an early stage for pre-sale tokens. The results obtained when the pre-sale is $ 16 532 341. With a record of this size, BitClave will easily run its plan.

BitClave is trying to solve a big problem in the online advertising industry: the industry is dominated by several major players (like Facebook and Google). This ad giant is generating huge ad revenue cuts. BitClave aims to disrupt the $ 550 billion advertising industry with blockchain-based solutions.

BitClave is a platform that provides the relationship between consumers and companies with no intermediaries. When dating to online advertising, companies will be forced to pay "brokers" with excessive
amounts of money to reach audiences for their advertising campaign. Not only that, ad campaigns are often placed among many other announcements, it closes the place in overcrowded banners or just goes into someone's spa box,
nor does the Company guarantee their traffic that generates their advertising campaign, as for the real ones. Though almost half or can be accumulated about 50%
of the total advertising traffic generated by the bots, which will basically destroy the overall purpose of advertising.

Similarly, offline advertising that most often bulks mass mailing in accordance with the "hit or missed" scheme of messages will be sent to the faces of users with little or generally targeting, which creates a correlation with dubious feelings between offline ad indicators and
efficiency investation. This will coincide with other factors, contributing to very low conversion rates. Most ad campaigns will be delivered to those who are not concerned with the product or whose concern will allow them to focus on something else. This ineffective action called offline and online advertising
will have a negative impact on the overall service provision that more companies have to pay to an intermediary like Google or Facebook, the more money consumers will have to pay for goods or services thus the losers and consumers paid more to lower the cost of creating a losing situation in his world.
Well to solve the above problem BitClave provides a solution which BitClaveakan offers an intermediary with exceptions and interactions that are facilitated by the network itself. And to pay to intermediaries the company will automatically offer personalized direct to consumers who have chosen their services.

ok to solve the above problem BitClave provides a solution where BitClaveakan offers an intermediary with exceptions and interactions that are facilitated by the network itself. And to pay to intermediaries the company will automatically offer personalized direct to consumers who have chosen their services.


Consumers control their own data and capabilities using advertising analytics and reseller services, using smart contracts this not only ensures that firms offer their audience, by exceeding the tendency to view them and interact with their proposals and also
allow consumers to earn money to view their advertising campaigns . This system also provides privacy with greater service for the users. Free services like Google and Facebook often sell user data, with an active search ecosystem, no need to worry anymore
because BitClave provides the services of companies selling their ads to first-hand users.

Currently the chain of sellers-intermediaries-consumers are losing markets with an advertising-market match rate, a cost of about 500 billion dollars is simply destroyed. Company profiles often face intermediaries in the advertising world. The dominant advertising company I've exemplified
with Google, Amazon and Facebook, removing excessive commissions for corporate users is not guaranteed that they advertise to be converted into sales or even the traffic will be real, almost half of all advertising traffic generated by bot, it has essentially violated the advertising itself.
The more companies pay for advertising, the more consumers will have to pay for the goods.

Solution Overview

The growth of the internet speeds up advertisement coverage and also alters people's reactions to advertising. Media for advertising has long been more effective, but the main function of advertising is the creation of an appropriate relationship between people and services including search,
social and media. Although they differ in client service and revolutionaries in the crystallization of large-scale knowledge and highly productive. Developed by Yahoo with social graphs that follow a very similar business model. Well this time BitClave argues that
the intermediary advertising model is not only excessive, but also supported by the termination of business value

Info Token

  1. Target on crowdsale:     $50,000,000
  2. Total token supply:     2,000,000,000
  3. Available for sale:     1,000,000,000
  4. Purchase methods accepted:     BTC, ETH, LTC and QTUM

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Minggu, 29 Oktober 2017

Dentacoin is the first dental treatment in the world

  In recent months, the world of crypto influenza has become very interesting. Interest in crypto-cryptococcus has reached an all-time high point when people around the world become aware of the crypto world. The main exchange has reported exponential growth as thousands of people flock to their platforms.When it comes to the future of money, there is a growing consensus that crypto-escalation is set to play a major role.

The demand for quality information about cardiac crypto has increased in recent months. Thirst for this kind of information can be attributed with the fact that people can never put their money directly into technology that has a lot of potential but is still growing. For example, tech enthusiasts in the 1990s may have foreseen the emergence of the Internet, but have no way to directly take stock in technology. The idea of ​​cryptographic implementation of data storage and transmission is still very new. And the fact that anyone can immediately buy the currency.

Let's just go with the subject of a little review for an ico project based on the phenomenon of bounty mania or bounty hunter on the biggest official site of bitcointalk official forum. What is this project? project named "DENTACOIN" or DNT is the ERC20 Standard Token on Ethereum block, which is fully compatible with all Ethereal wallets that have support ERC20 Token and smart-contract using ERC20 Standard. Can be used as coins, certificates, IOUs, game credits, currency for services, and others have no value in themselves, but work hard to change this aspect by developing various services for DNT to create a token request and hopefully increase that value. Since the project aims to advance the future of DENTACOIN,or this token is directly and targeted free to everyone who is often called a bounty hunter in a bitcointalk forum who wants to participate in introducing and supporting this project. In the form of gifts. And some bounty programs provided also vary and very much. In the form of bounty twitter, facebook, video, logo contest, blog or article and signature campaign. And all that information you can see and follow the following

All ico projects may have different bases and concepts, but after looking at this project I became interested because most of the tokens will be distributed free of charge to everyone who wants to join and contribute some great ideas to build and make this project Great and famous So, do not ever hesitate to give your idea idea into this project, and who knows you can succeed with DNT DENTACOIN.

About DentaCoin

Dentacoin is the first blockchain concept designed for the Global Dental Industry. Dentacoin Token ERC20 is configured to be used globally by all individuals.Dentacoin aims to improve dental care worldwide and make it affordable by utilizing the benefits of Blockchain. We believe that empowering patients to be an active part in the process of industrial development is key to shaping the future of dental care.  The Dedacoin (Trusted Review Platform) pilot project has functioned in the main net as the first transparent, tamper-resistant and manipulation-protective platform of its kind

DentaCoin Mission

The Dentacoin Foundation has a mission to improve the quality of dental care worldwide, reduce costs and create a community. This can not happen with a single action; This is a sequence of intended actions. Dentacoin Token was created to assist  the Dentacoin Foundation in the mission by giving people power. Dentacoin works to develop a number of tools, each targeting different aspects of the dental industry. By using and applying this tool, people will receive awards in the form of a Dentacoin token, which they can then use to pay for dental care or purchase their products, related to their dental health. Our goal is not to compete with other cryptocurrencies, but rather to provide solutions and support to the healthcare industry through blockchain, and not divert it into launching coins as we can. Instead, we want to see the real substance and value we can build with coins representing the health of us all. Dentacoin will become the Fin Tech and logistics platform of global dentistry.

Info Token

  • DentaCoin Tokens
Dentacoin is a Blockchain-based project that uses a smart contract system to develop this dental project. To simplify Denta coin transactions create a new Etherak-based tokens or crypts that are categorized as ERC20 symbolized by the DCN name.
Having a Denca Token coin will be very useful for you in the future because with a DCN token you will be offered attractive service from Dentacoin that you can enjoy .. And moreover you can use a DCN token to be traded on the crypto exchange that supplies DCN tokens in the market.
calling it the term Crypto DCN Trading. Total DCN Token supplies made are 8,000,000,000 (8 trillion DCN). And will be allocated to ICO sebsar DCN.
  • Price:
  1. 0.003521 USD cents / DCN
  2. Or 284 DCN / USD cent
  3. UPDATE (28.06.2017, 1 ETH = 280 $): The DCN / ETH exchange rate during Presale
  4. Is fixed for 8 000 000 DCN / ETH. In other words: 1 ETH = 8 000 000 DCN.


This section aims to explain the various stages that Dentacoin wants to do in the next few years, and the various milestones that users, developers, and ecosystems want to achieve as a whole.

  •  Knowledge - Gathers market intelligence, uses block-based review networks to create a growing  global database.
  •  Expansion - Create a global community and make them use DCN currency.
  •  Determination - Installing a decentralized insurance.
  •  Immortality - Building DCN infrastructure for international direct trade between dentists and suppliers in cooperation with UPS, Alibaba and Amazon.

The first major step after the issuance of the Dentacoin token on 14 February was the establishment and registration of the Dentacoin Foundation in Maastricht, The Netherlands on 03.03.2017. This truly revolutionary concept allows all coin holders to vote and advise Management on important decisions about the foundation. Because DCN is limited in number and therefore - protected by inflation, its value is expected to increase in time, so that the parties involved earn further profits.

Funds For The Future

Part of the DCN supply will be provided for the future as an additional fundraising mechanism for the Dentacoin project to proceed with Phase II development, but may never be issued, depending on future circumstances. The amounts reserved for future funding are as follows:

  • If EUR 2.5mm accumulates, 50% of all tokens will be reserved for future funding.
  • The percentage will drop gradually to 15% with further funding until EUR 6mm is reached.
  • After 6mm EUR, tokens granted for future funding will be set on the 15th
  • Token ordered for future funding will be locked for 12 months, after which it will be sent to ether wallet
  • The Foundation program, Bounty and Advisor will receive 9% of all tokens.
  • Tokens will be accepted by ether wallets, and will be used to reward contributions in the form of assistance: rewarding initial program participants, advisors, new employees, etc.
  • The founder will receive 10% of all tokens. The founder token will be locked for 24 months.

DentaCoin Team

  •  Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev - Founder of Dentacoin Foundation
  • Philipp Grenzebach - Co-Founder / Business Developer / M&A
  • Jeremias Grenzebach - Co-Founder / Core Developer
  • Sergey Ushakov - Front-end & Solidity Developer / Digital Transformation Specialist
  • Alexander Atanasov - Web Developer
  • Atanas Chervarov - Mobile App Developer
  • Ayredin Stoyanov - Graphic Designer
  • F. Mark Kosierowski - Finance and Insurance Adviser/ Content Writer
  • Dr. Elena Tuma - Project Manager: Trusted Review Platform
  • Dr. Desislava Gercheva - Project Manager: Dental Insurance
  • Dr. Violina Filipova - Project Manager: Market Research Platform
  • Dr. Deyan Novakovski - Project Manager: Healthcare Database
  • Dr. Dimo Daskalov - Dental Industry Development Catalyst
  • Dr. Ivan Peev - Dentistry 4.0 Specialist
  • Tsvetomir Ivanov - Industry 4.0 Engineer
  • Donika Kraeva - Strategic Communications Manager
  • Mariam Nishanian - Community & Public Relations
  • Tihomir Petrov - Community Relations & Customer Support
  • Rafat Hamud - Customer Support & Product Development
  • Betina Bogdanova - Senior Legal Advisor
  • Veselin Matov - CRM & Supply Chain Manager
  • Ali Hashem - Sales Specialist & Customer Support
  • Hristo Gradechliev - CFO
  • Julia Radeva - Business Development Manager 

More Info

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Minggu, 22 Oktober 2017

COBINHOOD - currents of cryptocurrency at zero trade cost

  We may know in this age of sekrang share a kind of science and technology is growing rapidly and In recent months, the very popular warm crypto world has become very interesting. Interest in crypto-cryptococcus has reached an all-time high point when people around the world become aware of the crypto world. The main exchange has reported exponential growth as thousands of people flock to their platforms.When it comes to the future of money, there is a growing consensus that crypto-escalation is set to play a major role.

COBINHOOD - exchange of cryptocurrency with zero trade costs As I explained above COBINHOOD is one of the latest innovations in the world of TRADING. In more detail COBINHOOD is the world's first "ZERO Trading Fees" cryptocurrency exchange with a vision to maximize traders' profits. Traders can now enjoy ZERO trading fees for spot trading and margin trading up to 10x leverage.

Of course this will be very profitable for us, maybe after so long we crave stocks at a cost of zero and now there. And of course you also do not have to worry if you want to deposit to this site because COBINHOOD keeps most of the crypto asset deposit in the offline multisig vault, which requires 5 out of 8 geo distributed hardware security modules to be opened. Furthermore, crypto assets stored in the online wallet will be supported by insurance.

COBINHOOD is a cryptographic service platform that provides ICC cryptocurrency and underwriting trades, aimed at solving existing problems in cardiac crypto exchange.
Furthermore, COBINHOOD aims to address the issue of tobacco liquidity.

Features Offered by COBINHOOD

  •     Cost ZERO Trading Cryptocurrency
Exchange COBINHOOD is the world's first cryptocurrency exchange with "ZERO Trading Feess" with a vision to maximize the traders' profits.
Traders can now enjoy ZERO trading costs for spot trading and margin trading up to 10x leverage.

  •     Guaranteed Crypto Asset Deposits
COBINHOOD keeps most of the crypto asset deposit in an offline multisig vault, requiring 5 of 8 geo-distributed hardware security modules to open.
Furthermore, crypto assets stored in the online wallet will be supported by insurance.

  •     High Performance Performance Matching Engine
Matching COBINHOOD for matching engines can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency.
The entire system is designed to be fully distributed, highly available, and scalable automatically - achieving true real-time trading experience for traders around the world.

  •     ICO Underwriting Service
COBINHOOD positions itself as a global underwriter, authoritative ICO, namely Crypto Goldman Sach, provides ICO Due Diligence,
intelligent contract code review, and legal compliance review for ICO with a vision to build a reliable ICO ecosystem.

  •     Multiple FIAT Currencies Supported
One of the interesting features provided by COBINHOOD is that it will support all major currencies. USD / EUR / JPY / KRW / CNY / HKD / CAD / GBP / AUD / NTD.
Of course this will make it easier for us to change our crypto directly to the currency we want.

  •  Fully Universal
COBINHOOD sites and applications will support 10 major languages, covering 98% of the world's population. Among them are English / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Russian / French / Portuguese / Arabic.



  ICO Due Diligence: focuses on high-quality and promising underwriting ICO.
 ICO Spark Program: helps well-known companies, successful startup companies, or leading  entrepreneurs integrate their products and services with blockchain technology.
 Solve liquidity problems: resolve low liquidity issues for ICO tokens in the secondary market.
 Trends in ICO Increase: Revolutionize the global investment ecosystem.


  •  Interest on Margin Trading Lending
  •  COBINHOOD Prime: services for higher leverage on margin trading, lower ticker latency, and higher API API limits on COBINHOOD exchanges.
  •  COBINHOOD High-Frequency Trading Server
  •  ICO COBINHOOD Underwriting Services
  •  COBINHOOD Financial Center


  • Starting date: September 13, 2017
  • ICO end date: October 22, 2017
  • Token name: COB TOKENs
  • Symbol: COB
  • Total supply: 1 billion COB mark
  • for ICO: 50% COB or 500M tokens
  • for COBINHOOD inc: 40% or 400M COBINHOOD token
  • Private Placement Amount: 10% COB tokens or 100 million
  • Currency received: ETH

COBINHOOD’s Token Price

For COBINHOOD, their ICO tokens (COB) is currently priced at 5000 COBs for 1 ETH. That is approximately $0.06 at current ETH price of $303.84 (as at the time of writing).
The final ICO price is 4000 COBs for 1 ETH, which is around $0.075.
COBINHOOD will support the following cryptocurrencies


More Info

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Sabtu, 21 Oktober 2017

Eventchain solution for Tickets price

   In this era of advancing attacks various Platform projects have been created that cover various aspects of life in order to facilitate us in living everyday life. This happens because the development of Blockchain Technology is growing rapidly and worldwide and is widely used in projects in the world. Those who use Blockchain technology implement smart contracting systems to simplify and cultivate new innovations for their projects. Blockchain-based projects usually hold Crowdfunding to develop their projects. And there have been many successful projects from the ICO program. Talking about present-day ICOs has come a new Blockchain-based project that creates a platform that will be the solution to the most important industry issues,  such as limitations due to lack of information, lack of transparency, and consequently a lack of trust. The name of this project is Aeron Of course before you invest in an ICO event you should know the project completely and what benefits will be given in the give as well how strategy and Timnya.Mengenai it will my paparka about aeron complete and detailed. And hopefully Aeron Could be one of the alternatives of your choice in investing.

Eventchain Tickets are a very basic thing to invite hundreds or even thousands of visitors. In terms of ticketing a lot of obstacles faced by the event organizers ranging from publishing and distribution of tickets to the visitors.  Most companies use Ticketmaster's help for ticket sales, and certainly ticket prices are higher than actual ticket prices and all of them force ticket buyers to buy because there are no alternatives to getting tickets. From the business practice of
course the manager gets a profit that is not proportional or not completely because they have to share with the company selling the ticket.

Many event audiences were annihilated with monopolistic controls with common problems including unfair ticket fees, website crashes and a single point of failure, ticket fraud and book-entry tickets, and unfair cuts for artists who do most of the work with little refund.

With EventChain you can create online or local events from any device, and make Smart Tickets available to event participants globally.

The EventChain token benchmark network for event management presents an opportunity to upgrade the current event ticket industry to faster transactions, undisputed ticket vouchers and transparency of Event host and Intelligent Tickets that are fully flexible and programmable through the use of smart contracts on the Etereum Block.


With EventChain, you can create online or local events from any device and create smart tickets available to event participants worldwide.

EventChain's Event The main test network for event management lets you improve the current ticket industry for events in faster transactions, undisputed ticket vouchers and the transparency of smart and fully programmable event hosts and smart tickets through the use of smart contracts on the Ethereum block.

EventChain provides event management capabilities to fix the ticket industry, which is now a faster, irrevocable, or updated transaction voucher, the information will be fully taken to a fully programmable program host and SmartTickets.

EventChaint can be used as a final solution to organize the publication and sale of your event tickets, and EventChaint can also find the right ticket and transaction rates that have been opened as it is based on this decentralized blockchain technology and find that all our operations can be found both inside and in outside, as well as more secure saving this platform.

SmartTickets can be purchased by event visitors directly on the EventChain network through various payment gateways.
EVC tokens and other ERC20 markers, including Ether, represent most ticket sales not only because other crypto allocations are acceptable, including bitcoin.


The EventChain Token Sale begins on September 13th, 16:00 UTC exclusively at https://tokensale.eventchain.io. Join us as EventChain revolutionizes event ticketing with blockchain technology.

EventCoin Distribution

EventCoins are allocated into tokens for participants as follows:

    Pre-ICO 11,000,000
    Phase-1 ICO 36,000,000
    Phase-2 ICO 7,600,000
    Tokensale Cap 54.6 million (65% of total Supply EventCoin)

The number of EventCoins will be determined by the ether value as stated at https://www.coinmarketcap.com on the date of each participant subscribing to the Pre-token sale.
The EVC / ETH ratio will be publicly displayed prior to the Phase-1 token sale. EventCoins and liquid as soon as the token sale expires.

Total persediaan Token EVC dialokasikan

Opration 12%
Design and Dev 18%
Staffing 10%
Marketing 58%

More Info

Dokumentasi teknis: https://eventchain.io/whitepaper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EventChain
Twitter: https: // twitter.com/EventChain_io
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1978714

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Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017

Anryze-Distributed Computing Network technology for voice recognition

    along with the advancement of the times and the development of technology Currently not in the deny again the use of technology Blokchain growing and has been thoroughly in use around the world. This is the reason why crypto is so popular today. Start many projects using Blockchain technology to use crypto as its project payment tool. But do you know about Anryze..?
Anyryze is often connected to a distributed network. Before getting to know Anryze maybe you should know first about distributed network. Distributed Network is a globally distributed computer for Natural Language Processing. We help people to write their voice communications into text with 1 click while providing simple and inexpensive solutions for speech recognition. Anryze gives a new nuance in speech recognition technology because it presents Blockchain technology in developing their projects. You may be curious how Anryze works and what are the advantages of anryze products for us. And that is not less interesting for those of you who like to invest in ICO event, Anryze Will hold event Crowdsale token ANRYZE. Hope this can be one of your choices in choosing a good investment.

What is Anryze..?

Anryze is one Blockchain-based project where peer-to-peer distributed computing networks for voice recognition and neural network education allow users to write audio files without relying on third-party providers such as Google or Amazon. speech is a complex phenomenon. People rarely understand how it works and feel. Naive perceptions are often made in words, and every word is made up of the phone. The reality is unfortunately very different. Speech is a dynamic process with no distinctly differentiated parts. It's always useful to get a sound editor and view speech recordings and listen to them.

Descriptions of speech at some level are probabilistic. That means there is no limit between units, or between words. the language for text translation is never 100% correct. The idea is somewhat unusual for software developers, who usually work with a deterministic system. Therefore, it creates many problems that are specific to speech technology. When speech recognition is being developed, the most complicated problem is to do a proper search (considering many variants fit as much as possible) and make it fast enough to not run for a very long time. There is also a problem with making the model according to the utterance because the model is not perfect. Central control retrieval will reduce most of the traditional data failures and provide the highest accuracy of speech transcription because of the education of artificial neural networks through a distributed system.

 Technology Anryze

When developing the Anryze STT, they apply the following technologies and solutions. Here are some of them:
  •  Wavelet transform 
- allows to improve recognition by reducing data loss.
  •  Recognition using fractal code descriptors 
- reconstructing a signal of any sampling frequency.
  •  Multi-Objective Learning for the Development of Neural Network Based Talk Devices
 - is responsible for building an expanded speech signal.
  • Invariant Representation 
- improves the stability of acoustic variability.
  • The Highway Connection in Convolutional Recurrent Deep Neural Networks 
-is an extension of the CLDNN model by integrating connections that provide direct information flow from the lower layer cells to the top layer cells.
  • Recognition with the use of distributed capacity 
- allows to reduce equipment costs and gain resistance to load changes.
  •  An acoustic model based on long-term short memory 
- is a recurrent neural network architecture that has been designed to overcome the missing and explosive gradient problem of conventional RNN.


Anryz is a Blockchain-based project that uses smart contracting systems to develop the Anryze distributed network project. This allows Anryze to create new ethereal-based crypts symbolized by the name RYZ. Having a RYZ token will be of great benefit to you either in terms of using the Anryze service or for trading in the market. The total supply of TOKEN RYZ made is 353.3 million RYZ.
As for the token RYZ will be allocated in the following way:

  1. Token For Miner 70%
  2. Token holder 20%
  3. Anryze 10%

Token Sale.

A custom token (RYZ) will be created in the Wave Platform for crowdfunding.
  1.     Min. cap: 100 million RYZ (1.6 million USD)
  2.     Max. cap: 321 million RYZ (6 million USD)
  3.     The initial rate will be 1 USD = 50 RYZ 

And the interesting thing you need to know is that this time the ICO event is underway and Anryze has reached the soft cap by earning $ 1,625,698 USD with 752 contributors joining in it,
In indicating that many people have been interested in Anryze. How about you ? You no longer need to hesitate to invest here because softcap has been achieved.

                                              JOIN NOW ANRYZE




  •     Anton Gera -Founder, serial entrepreneur, CEO at Anryze
  •     Oleg Zaychuk- Dev-ops/system architect
  •     Oleg Fedosenko-Machine learning and AI development
  •     Max Kudymets-Project Manager
  •     Alex Pogrebenniy-Back-end developer
  •     Oleksii Leontiev-PhD in Applied Mathematics, University of Tokyo
  •     Sergey Levashkin-PhD in Applied Mathematics, Moscow State University
  •     Anton Karpenko-Back-end developer
  •     Mike Ezhov-Founder, entrepreneur, CMO at Anryze


  •     Kseniia Raietska-Adviser, Ambisafe Services
  •     Serge Milman-Adviser, Dellwood Capital Hedge fund
  •     Philippe Chevry-CTO at Nash

More Info

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Jumat, 06 Oktober 2017

Change Bank-A new change in the world of banks

In this advanced age there are many changes that all activities can now do just with an interesting application of a Change program the world seems to be under a semart phone application can be used anywhere anytime you want about the project change I will explain in more detail.

What is CHANGE ...?

Change is a new financial proposition for individuals with high financial ambitions. It was created for young and forward-looking men and women who feel disconnected by the way banks operate. The clean and minimal Change logo appearance is designed to fit our vision.
The broken circle represents Change - the ability to "break the circle" and control it.

Change was established in early 2016 in Singapore, one of the largest financial centers in Asia. Shortly thereafter, angel investors supported the proposition with an investment of over USD 200,000,
and FinTech startups in the region joined the group. In 2018, Change is set to launch the first global FinTech market in blockchain.


In recent years, technology has affected several industries. Companies like Uber, AirBnB,
and Netflix have been the pioneers of change and disruption, reconsidering the transport, accommodation and
entertainment sectors with new and creative business models.
The banking industry, on the other hand, has not seen much of customer innovation and
finance still in control of a handful of established players operating in a very traditional way.

However, as technology advances, innovation has quickly filled the financial gap - linking finance and technology (FinTech)
to deliver propositions that better suit the needs and wants of society.
Some examples of what's called FinTech include: Transferwise, Betterment, Oscar, Lufax, ZhongAn etc.
The future bank not only accepts payments in crypto currency but also has a fully integrated FinTech market.


1. Service Globally - Change you can use anywhere, this service will be easy to use globally.
2. Broad Network - FinTech's promising corporate network worldwide, consistently  outperforming       bank results.
3. Blockchain - Change technology uses blockchain technology to provide maximum privacy and security for its users.


The Mobile Change application begins with the e-Know-Your-Customer (KYC) platform. It can be used anywhere in the world, in no time and only requested the necessary information.
Change will automatically validate user transactions with other third-party service providers through KYC sharing Tokenization. Our quest
for unlimited financing begins here, designing a modern global bank from day one.

Crypto wallets, engineered to break the norm and give users control over their crypto currency in the most intuitive and easy way.
The Change application facilitates the storage of all major crypts, easy crypto management, simple fund transfer between peers, and many other functions.

Every crypto investor faces the same problem: the opportunity to exchange digital coins for goods and services in our daily lives is very limited.
Buying with crypto currency should be as easy as buying with dollars, euros, or yen. Change Card is the card that solves this problem,
allowing users to spend crypto in millions of online and offline locations around the world.

Users will be rewarded for using the Change Card and other third-party services on the platform - online or offline -
directly receive a share of the re-transaction in the form of Change Coins, the redeemed crypto currency of Change Bank.

Being a fully digital bank allows Change to operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional banks. A transparent and
comprehensive approach and cost: we do not charge our users to have accounts, transfer funds, or make payments.

Our vision goes beyond crypto for payment. It's time you can also use crypto to invest in stocks, P2P loans, real estate or anything else you can imagine.
It is time you can buy travel or car insurance directly with your Eth or take a loan at Bitcoin. We not only believe in decentralized data, but also in the strength of decentralized services.

Our vision for an all-in-one platform for financial services is not geographically bound by the border. Today's technologies and regulations
allow us to create a decentralized third-party market that brings you leading financial technology (FinTech). ANYONE can use the most appropriate service provided ANYWHERE.


Info Token

  •     Nama: CHANGE
  •     Simbol: CAG
  •     Harga Token: 1 ETH = 500 CAG
  •     Support Token:  ERC20
  •     Target Minimum: 50,000 ETH
  •     Target Maksimum: 200,000 ETH
  •     Minimum Investasi: 0.5 ETH

More Info

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=839568

 By: kikukk
 ETH : 0x8ae7e918FE0B0EeADdaB84738Ae0c0a5103F5e1a
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