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PayPro is a decentralized bank for service

Speaking of Bitcoin that stands out as a contrast to the current pyramid installment setting, it shocks everyone in the industry by promising another decentralized installment. This is known as the second web uprising. However, Blockchain has long been found.

What is PayPro?

PayPro is a decentralized bank created to handle new eco systems where the value is represented in a new form thanks to Smart Contracts. Thus, PayPro is a decentralized financial market where every dApp can post its services. We also developed a Wallet where users can store it
Crypto-currency and token ERC-20.

After we collect PayPro, clients will be fit to get rid of ETTH, BTC or GAS, for example, and utilize a commercial center to incorporate resources into the crowdfunding stage, for example. In addition, offers earned from interest in these token types will also be removed in PayPro. Therefore, all individual crypto and liability sources will be invited to talk on PayPro


PayPro Market will be built as a decentralized app, also known as dApp. According to David Jonhston, a dApp must meet several criteria to be considered as follows:

1. Applications must be developed open-source, must operate autonomously and the majority of tokens can not be controlled by an entity. Also, proposed improvements and market feedback may occur
Adapted in protocol.
2. To access the application and to reward contributions from miners or contributors, a cryptographic token is required.
3. Token must be generated as proof of value generated on application.
4. Decentralized blockchain should be used to store data and records
operation to avoid the point of failure center.



Using Ethereum will allow users to keep at least 100 of the most used currencies with volume of transactions per day. Develop an iOS app that allows to store BTC, but this is just proof of concept created for the purpose of the user.

You can download it in AppStore here:


How Does PayPro Work?

  • Review
Please, review our white paper and understand the investment requirements. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Whitelist
In order to join our ICO, it is mandatory for us to fill out your know-the-customer form.
Submit your ETH from your MyEtherWallet, not an exchange. After the campaign is closed, we will send your token.
  • Future
In the future where Intelligent Contracts will be used for many of our daily activities, such as using decentralized computer power, trading or insuring cars, we believe that banking will also be decentralized.
Consequently, if our market succeeds in collecting universal crypto wallets and financial markets in the same place, we will create the first decentralized application of the first bank where users can store and manage all their crypto assets, ranging from currency storage, loans or investments.
  • Purse
PayPro will receive most crypto-currency forms. Using Ethereum will allow users to do so


PayPro Token (PYP) will be the main currency in our ecosystem, facilitating transactions in the market. The main purpose of PYP is that they will be used for political rights and usage

Tokens are offered through ICO 40% (Blue)

The funds raised will be used to finance platform development over the next 4 years.

Reserve sustainability - 20% (Dark Blue)

Sustainability reserves, which are currently under community communities
supervision, will be held by PayPro to achieve financial sustainability in Indonesia
the future through the distribution of total shopping and network market

Community, R & D & bounties - 5% (Green)

To provide incentives to communities, as well as brand evangelism, we plan
community awards, academic research and the gift of bugs in the future
4 years.

Initial investor, current & future advisor, partnership - 15% (Purple)

Provide liquidity to early investors & supporters, as well as for the future
partnerships and strategic advisors, we will allocate 15% of total tokens
offered. Initial investors, current & future advisors, and future partnerships will do so
has a token allocation of 10%.

Training package for founders, teams & future employee candidates - 20% (Red)

We believe that a company is just as strong as its team. Because it's all smooth
& future team members will receive a package of motivation
token vested All of these will be held in accordance with the employee /

 PAYPRO BOUNTY CAMPAIGN : 1,100,000 PYP (2200 ETH)  to be divided according to the stakes accumulated.

Bounty campaign includes 8 categories:
1. Artwork campaign : 6% (66,000 PYP)
2. Video campaign : 13% (143,000 PYP)
3. Twitter campaign : 13% (143,000 PYP)
4. Facebook campaign : 13% (143,000 PYP)
5. Telegram campaign : 5% (55,000 PYP)
6. Articles campaign : 13% (143,000 PYP)
7. Translations and moderation campaign : 15% (165,000 PYP)
8. Signature campaign : 22% (242,000)

Info Team


More info

Ann Thread :
Twitter :
Facebook :
Medium :

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Bob 'Repair-The latest innovation for ease of transaction in the crypto world

There are times when we want to make our dwellings better and more comfortable by renovating, for example that by appointing a contractor's services to build or renovate a residence there is a need for a strategy or strategy to avoid work owners from unnecessary losses and wastes. In some cases, however, there is fraud in unusual service, which affects the price associated with the cost and the use of the material therefore in such uncommon circumstances it is better to seek advice from an experienced contractor. So you do not need to worry anymore now there is a great solution for bridge repair services between owners and repair contractors.

What is Bob's Repair

Bob's Repair founders successfully operated an automated SMS platform that connects consumers directly with contractors, generating revenues of more than $ 1,000,000 and facilitating over 50,000 call services. Despite these successes, the founders realized that their SMS platform could not solve three major problems faced by consumers and contractors in the skilled trading industry. The three main problems are:
  1. Review cheats  
  2.  Advertising costs
  3.  Price transparency

To address review scams, advertising costs and price transparency, Bob's Repair will build Bob Apps on Blockchain STEEM. Bob's app will consist of powerful iOS, Android and web apps.
Then, when both sides of the transaction-the customer and the contractor-leave the review, Bob's Repair will link the review with the actual financial transaction. By linking reviews with actual financial transactions, consumers can trust that the reviews are real and do not change. A real review of real consumers, providing better information so that consumers can make better decisions.
Bob's app will not have ads from contractors. As a result, the contractor will not continue advertising costs to consumers. The contractor can not buy visibility on Bob's Repair through advertising. In contrast, due to the upvoting function, sluggish post, and user reputation on STEEM blockchain visibility is governed by achievement. For example, if the contractor has more verifiable positive reviews, then the contractor will have a more significant presence. The structure will eliminate hidden advertising costs.

Bob's app will have a transparent price. Each review will provide a service fee that is broken down into material and labor costs. Consumers will be able to easily find reviews to find out the actual materials and labor costs for a particular service. This transparency will lower prices and cope with rising costs.
Bob's Repair is a new breakthrough or innovation in the crypto world that allows Bob Repair to be used to eliminate cheating reviews with trusted transactions between homeowners and contractors. We utilize Blockchain to enable reliable transactions between homeowners and repair contractors. If you are curious and interested in this project, please visit  website
Bob's Repair goal is to completely eliminate cheating and intermediaries in the industry, bringing all consumers immediate and low prices, transparency and peace of mind when looking for contractors.
Smart Contract
Bob's improvements will take advantage of smart contracts to withhold payment on escrow and remove it when the milestone is completed.
Trust Blockchain
Bob's improvement is to build a Trusted Transaction Network where customers can set milestones with contractors and release funds after completing each stage of the project.
Transparent Price
The lack of transparency in pricing leads to higher consumer prices. Bob's Repair will allow customers to see how many contractors have previously charged for similar work, making the price transparent.
There are no advertising costs
Competitors charge advertising costs to contractors. The contractor issues this fee to the consumer. Bob's Repair will not charge advertising fees, which will lower consumer prices and better margins for contractors.

STEEM Blockchain

Bob's Repair will use STEEM Blockchain because of three times the transaction both, no transaction costs, ability to upvote, flag posts, and build user reputation. 

Sales Details of Bob's Token Repair "BOB"

Bob's Repair will raise funds by issuing an ERC20 token called BOB Tokens. This is to spread awareness and refine Bob Applications. BOB Token issuance as security in accordance with SEC regulations. To ensure regulatory compliance, Bob's repair has consulted with the SEC and international finance
There are two rounds of Pre-ICO and ICO, After the second round is complete, BOB Token will be published on the main network of Ethereum.



 Info Team


  • Frideric Prandecki - Co-Founder, CEO
  • Alexandre Prandecki - Co-Founder, COO
  • Todd Conley - Co-Founder, CTO
  • Evgeniy Tatarchuk - Senior Developer
  • Pavel Rubin - Blockchain & Software Developer
  • Dr. Christina Czeschik - Market Growth Analyst and Strategy Consultant
  • Inventus Law - The Global Technology Law Firm
  • Alain Schoovers - Senior Front-End Developer
  • Anna Turina - Social Media & Communication Manager


  • John McAfee
  • Vitaly Pecharsky
  • Monty Lapica
  • Greg Buchan
  • Early Boykins
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Titanium-Provision of Service Infrastructure


Starting from the occurrence of the idea of an equally related network in th. 1960s, very few are turning about the Internet infrastructure. For a moment now the internet has more interconnected servers, residential computers, and most of all, users, the framework of functional technology does not start switching since it was first thought by computing pioneers of the '60s and 70s. Certainly, server technology has increased since the first networking of ARPANET, but the basic infrastructure did not switch - but based on large data centers and controlled by large companies that have their own needs; this need is not yet yours

In th. 1999, the invention of virtualization software allowed for the creation of virtual machines (VMs) on the server has a high. These rescued companies are billions of dollars around the world and it is quite possible that the rapid development of the webhosting industry because several hundred lowway websites can be hosted in such a small amount of rack space as "server" can be realized with the touch of a button. But, even in this condition, the number of unbalanced abilities is placed in the hands of relatively few companies. Even now, up to 70% of internet roads through server farms are concentrated in Northern Virginia and operated by one company. 1 For a moment the status quo works, this is far from the decent decentralized and decent democratic internet our technological forefathers dream of and which one is now a chance. Welcome to the new world gained from Titanium Infrastructure Services (TBIS); We are the Revolution.

First-to-market titanium, about the provision of Service Infrastructure (IaaS) and Service Base (PaaS) base on blockchain, our core competence. Decentralized resources will also be very likely that Titanium will cost at least 50% less than our competitors. Because of its decentralized nature, Titanium will promise to wait for customers 99, 99% for all services, apps, tools, and so on. Cloud-based and cloud-based Diaa usage, as well as therefore vulnerable to outages, decreased capabilities, and common hacker attacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

What is Titanium

Titanium is the sister company of EHI, the first technology company built by our Founder and CEO, who has been in business for nearly two decades and can provide a warm handoff from Fortune 500 clients, Education and Government on Titanium. The Titanium Core Team has more than two hundred (200) years. experience, and is seen to be in the highest 1% of technology semasing. Titanium is the first start-up blockchain to achieve Dun and Bradstreet (D & B) accreditation as well as Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The mission of Titanium

Our mission is to use blockchain capabilities that do not switch to provide virtual infrastructure services for businesses and individuals, making assurance of reliability that Titanium once possessed impossible.
Our team is so confident in the ability to disrupt the blockchain. Global business and finance are being shifted and disrupted by blockchain technology. TBIS has completed experiments that show if it is possible to make the whole system infrastructure in distributed systems and too much. Think of a world where businesses will not need to have network cabinets filled with expensive and temperamental equipment that quickly become obsolete, require gentle maintenance and reduce productivity through down time or common digital problems. All of the decomposing equipment with yellowed casing can be exchanged for digital titanium with cost of achievement and maintenance of hardware infrastructure, while improving the time and reliability and reducing maintenance. TBIS Infrastructure Service (IaaS) is a strong base and fits the time needed to deliver new productivity for companies and individuals across the world by providing end-to-end internet infrastructure.

Base so Service (PaaS)

With Titanium So Service Base (PaaS) you have access to the world of decentralized enterprise applications, distributed applications (dApps) and many more, all there as necessary. You only pay for the resources you need and they are definitely sent over your secure internet connection in a decentralized development / deployment environment in detail.
PaaS provides various types of infrastructure assets over the storage, servers and networking hardware that IaaS offers. Middleware, database management systems, business intelligence (BI) services, comprehensive development tools and many more are added to the side of PaaS. All application life cycles from coding as well as testing to application and management are supported and surely you will also work with the most recent versions because all are updated regularly.
The beauty of PaaS Titanium is that you can concentrate on managing apps and services as your most important concentration as well as delivering other things to us. It is not long before you have to worry about buying or managing software licenses, middleware, development tools or application infrastructure.

Token Mechanics and Sale Details

As part of this sale, a fixed pool of BAR will generated. No further BAR will be created in the future. BAR will be a deflationary currency used within the Titanium Ecosystem,Limited to only 35 million BAR during token sale with a 60M total supply, just like Bitcoin is limited to 21 million Bitcoins. If any BARs are not sold at the end of the ICO period, they will be BURNED. Once the sale concludes, a portion of BAR tokens will be allocated and given to the Titanium team as an incentive for the success of our platform, and a separate portion will be held as a reserve pool and expenditure fund. The Titanium Community will hold 60% of all BAR, the Titanium team will hold 20% of BAR (subject to a freeze period), 10% of BAR will be retained to be used for Titanium Community Bounties and 10% of BAR will be allocated for the reserve pool.


RICHARD SILVER - COO/Director of Marketing
VINCENT FULLERTON - Technical Advisor (Pura Core Team & NEM Developer)
STUART SIEGLER - Ethereum Developer and Enterprise Automation Expert
JAMES CONNOLLY - Ethereum Developer
JESSE URE - Ethereum Developer
RITCHEY MULHOLLEM - Ethereum Developer
NILO AMPUNAN - Senior Enterprise Management Specialist
RICHARD WHITAKER - Senior Enterprise Management Specialist
JASON MCBRIDE - Senior Systems Engineer
ERAN JENKINS - Network Administrator
DAVID ROWLEY - Storage Management Expert
ARTEM CHUPAKHIN - Marketing Director, Russia
RYAN BRYDON - Marketing Director, Australia
DANIEL TEICH - Chief Design Officer, Germany
JASON BRINK - Graphic Designer | Technical Writer
DAWID BRZEZINSKI - Community Manager
DARIUSZ BANIEL - Community Manager
JOE BUCCINI - Technical Advisor
ELLIOT KERMANI - Legal Adviser

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Jincor is a healthy, secure, obedient and windy company


What is jincor?

Jincor is a healthy, secure, obedient and windy company to use the platform, enabling businesses to work with smart contracts and easy cryptocurrency payments without legal, technical or operational complications and with cost efficient.

This will let the company use all the benefits of blockchain-based technology without having to develop and implement it on its own. With Jincor, managers and employees will be able to transact cryptococcal transactions and comply with all compliance requirements, and conduct corporate relationships by creating smart contracts, which will be written to a personal blockchain based on Hyperledger technology.
Overall, our goal is to build a personal blockchain and platform that will allow even iPad users aged 5-year-old smart enough to register in the Jincor ecosystem, start smart contracts and pay for suppliers And that's all in a very user-friendly, compliant and legal. In our opinion, this will lead to a change in the overall model of corporate interaction, which will eliminate injustice, lack of business commitment, human error factors and make business (including small ones) from around the world closer to blockchain technology and vice versa

Why Should Jincor?

The contract is valid as soon as both parties sign it with an electronic signature and require certain elements to be run automatically. For example, the first-order requirement is the existence of the cryptococcal account of those involved. In other words, executable code must have unhindered access to smart contract objects. In addition, all conditions of intelligent contracts must be explained mathematically and have a clear logic of execution, and this is the reason why Jincor's first smart contract will be based on the simplest corporate relationships, involving only a few elements. Given that the code has full access to the deal object, its implementation and compliance will be handled automatically by taking into account the fulfillment of the conditions of an intelligent contract. In short, smart contracts automate contractual business relationships and deliver their total performance.
First (Q4 2018), the Jincor team will make a smart contract for the following apps:
  • - Regular payments.
  • - Partner program.
  • - Signed the transaction.
  • - Business-to-business trading

Although smart contracts are run in a decentralized environment that eliminates human factors, it is important to realize that there are many cases that may require external interference, regardless of the explicit intelligent contact. For this reason we have developed a decentralized arbitration system that aims to resolve disputes arising from intelligent contract executions.

 The value of the JCR token

The key to future growth of the JCR token value is the constant growth of limited demand and supply: we publish 35,000,000 JCR tokens at once and we do not plan to issue additional tokens in the future. At the same time, the need for a JCR token will continue to increase, as it is used as a means of payment for the most important (and most necessary) platform features. The approximate possible JCR token price dependence of the total number of participating companies on the platform can be found in figure 8. Moderate earnings forecasts for the Jincor platform based on business demand will be the trend of cryptographic payment solutions and the speed of smart contract deployment.
In calculating the equilibrium price of the JCR token the data are used as follows:
- Company within 2 years from now: 20,000
- Average number of staff: 150
- average requirement of one company in JCR token: $ 750
- JCR token cycle: 3 months
- Request for JCR token in active trade: 25% (Based on ET statistics, for more Etherscan statistics visit).


The equilibrium price is the price of a commodity in which the quantity the buyer wants to buy equals the amount the seller wants to sell. Thus, the projected equilibrium price of the JCR token may be:
There is a valid calculation for the data in 4 years from now. The possible price of the JCR token equilibrium may be: $ 12.86.





Join to build the platform for genuinely simple smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions for any business.

 More info 

website :
bounty :
twitter :
Facebook :

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ENVION-first mining uses electrical energy from wind and water

    we may know in this age of sekrang share a kind of science and technology is growing rapidly and In recent months,the very popular warm crypto world has become very interesting. Interest in crypto-cryptococcus has reached an all-time high pointwhen people around the world become aware of the crypto world. The main exchange has reported exponential growth as thousands of people flock to their platforms.

When it comes to the future of money, there is a growing consensus that crypto-escalation is set to play a major roleThe demand for quality information about cardiac crypto has increased in recent months. Thirst for this kind of information can be attributedwith the fact that people can never put their money directly into technology that has a lot of potential but is still growing.For example, tech enthusiasts in the 1990s may have foreseen the emergence of the Internet, but have no way to directly take stock in technology.The idea of ​​cryptographic implementation of data storage and transmission is still very new. And the fact that anyone can immediately buy the currency.One thing that is clear from our deep market analysis is that many newcomers to the crypto world lack the knowledge of how or where to start.As society's technology literacy improves, crypto acceptance as the legitimate warehouse follows. Title along the lines of: 'Bitcoin Soars Market Capitalization' and 'Secret of Crypto Millionaires'began to weaken public news feeds.What we know for sure is that people who were once skeptical of Bitcoin and the technology behind it gradually understood and became increasingly involved with crypto.We often find questions like: 
-What are cryptocurrencies?
 -I am interested in certain crypto-crypto. How and where can I buy it?
 -How and where do I start trading cryptocurrencies? 

Maybe you are an entrepreneur or entrepreneur and strive to become better for your ease in ensuring your future life by buying stocks for investment in order to earnprofit but over time various developmentsThe company has expanded its business to use Blockchain Technology in the hope that their companies can compete and become better in the future.Usually we often do not find some Blockchain based company presentThe presence of ICO and Crowdfunding which attract investors worldwide to invest in project development. But not all countries legalize the purchase or use of Crypto in some countries.We can also see and crypto is very popular to use in addition to profitable as well as many projects that kryptya very useful to enjoy this service. therefore you must choosethe right place to invest Maybe you should try to invest in ICO to get crypto.Because by following the ICO many benefits that you will get. all of which the crypto market is pushing for the people's economy and can build mining confidencethere is now a project interesting enough that can be trusted because this project is built based on the trust of everyone ENVION. 

ENVION is a project for mining with maximum results and profitable for all those who join in itLet's clarify more deeply about this great project .

Introducing ENVION

ENVION has developed a Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) system that can utilize electricity directly at the source: hydroelectric power, wind power, wind power, and fossils in every corner of the planet. Our MMU is based on standard intermodal (marine) containers, equipped with mining hardware, communications and industry 4.0 features, remote control capabilities and breakthrough cooling systems that generate ~ 1% of total system energy consumption. Overall, this is a high-tech solution that can be applied seamlessly across the globe and enables us to use the cleanest and cheapest energy mix available anywhere.
The flexibility of the MMU system helps us combine the two most important sectors of the 21st century: blockchain technology and renewable energy. By using the dynamics of exponential growth for both, we promote the preservation of the climate and welfare of our token holders. This is the physical incarnation of the spirit of blockchain: a strong and decentralized system that can withstand disruptions in government policy, price structure and energy supply.
The solution of envion is to provide all necessary competitive advantages, to follow a decentralized approach and to vote on an experience under pressure from the concentration of mining power.


ENVION Project Vision 

We believe that system innovation is essential for cryptos that can receive mass acceptance. We believe that future mining operations need to be decentralized to reduce their dependence on regulations from a single government, strong individuals, and fossil or nuclear energy.
Crypto mining operations in the future need to reduce systemic risks resulting from being tied to certain coins or mining pools. Thus, the expression attempts to surrender the decisive power back to the crypto community. It should be possible for individuals to take part in crypto mining without major investment in hardware and technology. In addition to the extensive ownership of mining operations, awareness seeks to involve the public in making decisions on key mining decisions. Therefore we strive to reduce the obstacles for a larger audience to take part in the crypto community.
By offering anyone the ability to take part in securing the future of blockchain technology, illusion lays the foundation for the future of crypto mining by designing a mining unit with very low mobile maintenance and by offering the right to the community to choose a mining location and for coin options.
The technology developed by envion represents the next generation of data centers - modular, mobile, flexible, low maintenance, data driven and therefore designed for future challenges.
Our flexibility strategy is based on three technologies:

  1. The Decentralized Cellular Mining Unit (MMU)
  2. Our central hub or Unified Mining Cloud (UMC)
  3. Global intelligent energy source (SES) 

Cellular Mining Unit (MMU)

The Envion team has developed core technologies ranging from circuit boards to middleware to layers of application software for MMUs based on a clear set of principles and development guidelines:
  1. Mobility
  2. Modularity
  3. Cost savings
  4. Maintainability
  5. Plug'n'play
  6. Plug'n'mine
  7. Expandability
  8. Cooling optimization

System Overview

Based on an ISO 9001 certified intermodal (marine) container, our mining unit is a highly mobile crypto miner in accordance with international standard transportation system. Our design and engineering specialists have done their utmost to maintain the flexibility of the unit in relation to the buildup and arrangement of multiple units to create easily accessible data center circuits. The design of marine containers ensures cost-effective logistics by providing access to standard international transport and storage systems. Our strict modular design allows physical buildup and multiple unit parallel connections.

Even at the maximum gross weight of the container, our unit can be moved and stacked freely using a simple fork lifter truck capable of lifting 3 tons of weight.
Mobile Mining Unit (MMU) is inside and includes sea containers, along with rack system, doorman, satellite communications, relays, measuring & safety equipment, optimization optimization and central management system (UAT), remote control unit and network infrastructure for communication & uplink safety.
Based on industry standard 4.0, our goal for first generation MMU is to be able to work independently and therefore can be placed anywhere in the world. The only requirement for the MMU to start operations is energy.
After connecting to the appropriate power source (see below), MMU automatically searches for internet connections through some failover data including WIFI, LTE or satellite connections (including satellite antenna appearances, scans & pads automatically to locate and connect to the appropriate satellites) with the help of Automated Internet Connection (AIC). Once found, available internet connections can initialize the built-in envion worker (rig and ASIC) and bring the entire MMU, its IP address, and its status monitoring to the control system unit (temperature, power, fan speed) online. When the workers are fully initialized, they immediately begin to mine and report to the surrounding environment.
MMU is completely automated and does not require manual interaction for everyday routines. All of this is achieved by a modular control system, which is connected and supervised by UUC (Unified Unit Control). UUC is the brain of the MMU: it receives information from all connected IO devices and connects them, unifies them, and controls them at various levels.

Info Team


Matthias Woestmann - CEO
Felix Krusenbaum - FINANCE
Jonathan Koch - TECHNOLOGY
Jasper Hellmann - MARKETING
Seif Mousaied Shieshakly - INDUSTRY EXPERT
Laurent Martin - COMMUNITY
Kay Buksch - SOFTWARE
Nikita Fuchs - BLOCKCHAIN
Jan-Ole Malchow - IT-SECURITY


Prof. Friedbert Pflüger - ADVISOR: ENERGY EXPERT
Emin Mahrt - ADVISOR
Moritz Strube - ADVISOR

More Information

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